# Nome Atributos
Addon Common Addon Common Ganha um addon comum aleatório de um pokemon.
Addon Rare Addon Rare Ganha um addon raro aleatório de um pokemon.
Addon Ultra Rare Addon Ultra Rare Ganha um addon ultra raro aleatório de um pokemon.
Armadillo Claw Armadillo Claw
Bag of Pollem Bag of Pollem
Band Aid Band Aid
Bat Wing Bat Wing
Bear Paw Bear Paw
Bee Sting Bee Sting
Belt of Champion Belt of Champion
Bird Beak Bird Beak
Bitten Apple Bitten Apple
Blue Ball Blue Ball
Blue Vines Blue Vines
Bone Bone
Bottle of Poison Bottle of Poison
Branch of Stone Branch of Stone
Brush Brush
Bug Antenna Bug Antenna
Bug Gosme Bug Gosme
Bug Venom Bug Venom
Bulb Bulb
Bull Tail Bull Tail
Butterfly Wing Butterfly Wing
Cat Ear Cat Ear
Colored Feather Colored Feather
Comb Comb
Cow Tail Cow Tail
Crab Claw Crab Claw
Dark Beak Dark Beak
Dark Gem Dark Gem
Dodrio Feather Dodrio Feather
Dog Ears Dog Ears
Dome Fossil Dome Fossil
Dragon Scale Dragon Scale
Dragon Tail Dragon Tail
Dragon Tooth Dragon Tooth
Earth Ball Earth Ball
Eggshell Eggshell
Electric Box Electric Box
Electric Rat Tail Electric Rat Tail
Electric Tail Electric Tail
Elephant Foot Elephant Foot
Enchanted Gem Enchanted Gem
Essence of Fire Essence of Fire
Essence of Ghost Essence of Ghost
Farfetch'd Stick Farfetch'd Stick
Feather Feather
Female Ear Female Ear
Fire Ear Fire Ear
Fire Horse Foot Fire Horse Foot
Fire Tail Fire Tail
Fish Fin Fish Fin
Fox Tail Fox Tail
Fur Fur
Future Orb Future Orb
Gem Star Gem Star
Giant Bat Wing Giant Bat Wing
Giant Fin Giant Fin
Giant Piece of Fur Giant Piece of Fur
Giant Ruby Giant Ruby
Gift Bag Gift Bag
Gligar Claw Gligar Claw
Gosme Gosme
Great Petals Great Petals
Gyarados Tail Gyarados Tail
Helicopter Leaves Helicopter Leaves
Helix Fossil Helix Fossil
Horn Drill Horn Drill
Horn Horn
Hot Fur Hot Fur
Ice Bra Ice Bra
Ice Orb Ice Orb
Insect Claw Insect Claw
Insect Tail Insect Tail
Iron Bracelet Iron Bracelet
Kanga Ear Kanga Ear
Karate Duck Karate Duck
Kick Machine Kick Machine
Ladybug Wing Ladybug Wing
Leaves Leaves
Linearly Guided Hypnose Linearly Guided Hypnose
Lizard Tail Lizard Tail
Locksmith of Shell Locksmith of Shell
Luck Medalion Luck Medalion
Magikarp Fin Magikarp Fin
Magma Foot Magma Foot
Magnet Magnet
Male Ear Male Ear
Microphone Microphone
Mimic Clothes Mimic Clothes
Miss Traces Miss Traces
Monkey Paw Monkey Paw
Mushroom Mushroom
Nail Nail
Old Amber Old Amber
Onix Tail Onix Tail
Owl Feather Owl Feather
Piece of Coral Piece of Coral
Piece of Diglett Piece of Diglett
Piece of Shell Piece of Shell
Piece of Steel Piece of Steel
Pinsir Horn Pinsir Horn
Plant Foot Plant Foot
Plant Tail Plant Tail
Point of Light Point of Light
Pot of Lava Pot of Lava
Pot of Moss Bug Pot of Moss Bug
Psychic Spoon Psychic Spoon
Psyduck Mug Psyduck Mug
Punch Machine Punch Machine
Rat Tail Rat Tail
Red Scale Red Scale
Red Wing Red Wing
Reindeer Horn Reindeer Horn
Rubber Ball Rubber Ball
Ruby Ruby
Sandbag Sandbag
Scizor Claw Scizor Claw
Screw Screw
Scythe Scythe
Seahorse Tail Seahorse Tail
Seal Tail Seal Tail
Seed Seed
Sheep Wool Sheep Wool
Slow Tail Slow Tail
Small Shell Small Shell
Small Stone Small Stone
Small Tail Small Tail
Small Wings Small Wings
Snake Tail Snake Tail
Snowball Snowball
Spider Legs Spider Legs
Spin Machine Spin Machine
Squirrel Tail Squirrel Tail
Squirtle Hull Squirtle Hull
Steel Tail Steel Tail
Steel Wing Steel Wing
Sticky Hand Sticky Hand
Stone Orb Stone Orb
Strange Antenna Strange Antenna
Strange Bone Strange Bone
Strange Feather Strange Feather
Strange Flower Strange Flower
Strange Rock Strange Rock
Strange Spike Strange Spike
Strange Tail Strange Tail
Strange Thing Strange Thing
Straw Straw
Streak Tail Streak Tail
Tentacle Tentacle
Tongue Tongue
Tooth Tooth
Topknot Topknot
Traces Traces of Ghost
Tusks Tusks
Venom Flute Venom Flute
Water Gem Water Gem
Water Pendant Water Pendant
Wool Ball Wool Ball
Wooper Horn Wooper Horn
Yellow Flower Yellow Flower

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